County Cork, Ireland 2016


Tuesday 26th April 2:00 pm
St Anne’s Church (Shandon Bells), Cork, Co Cork, 18th Century

Located in Cork city, St Anne’s Church, Shandon is a known landmark and is best known as Shandon Bells because of the ringing of its famous church bells. Visitors are invited to play these and we dutifully did, pulling vigorously on the bell wires in an upstairs landing and playing several of Sri Chinmoy’s melodies to the surrounding city. The church itself dates back to 1722 and one of the oldest churches in Cork City.


Tuesday 26th April 4:30 pm
St Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, Co Cork, 20th Century

Perhaps one of the most beautiful churches in Ireland, Cobh Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedral on a raised site overlooking Cork Harbour. The cathedral contains the only church carillon in the Republic of Ireland, with 49 bells, making it one of the largest carillons in the British Isles. An automated system strikes the hour and 15 minute intervals while it also rings the bells in appropriate form for masses, funerals, weddings and special events.


Wednesday 27th April 10:00 am
St Finbarr’s Oratory, Gougane Barre, Macroom, Co Cork, 19th Century

Set in an idyllic remote location in County Cork, the name Gougane Barra comes from Saint Finbarr, who is said to have built a monastery on an island in the lake nearby during the 6th century. The present ruins date from around 1700. During the times of the Penal Laws, Gougane Barra’s remoteness meant that it became a popular place for the celebration of the Roman Catholic Mass. The nineteenth century oratory which stands near the original monastery is famous for its picturesque location and richly decorated interior.

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