California, 2015

Following tours in recent years to the Churches of Iceland, the Temples of Myanmar, a choir festival in Vaasa and the sacred places of Scotland, the purpose of this April 2015 tour was to sing in The Spanish Missions of California.

The Spanish colonised California in the 18th century by establishing a series of 21 missions – self-sufficient communities of up to 1000 based around a large church and governed by the church, with farmland, schools and commercial activities. These missions grew into many of the present-day Californian towns and cities (San this and Santa that). Many of these missions are still intact, and are preserved as places of historic and cultural significance. Some are still active churches, while others are administered by the State Parks Department.

The performances

  • “Pilgrimage of the Heart” yoga studio, San Diego
  • Sri Chinmoy Centre, San Diego
  • Mission Church at San Juan Capistrano
  • Mission Church at San Buenaventura
  • Mission Church at La Purisima Concepcion, Lompoc
  • Mission Church of San Miquel Archangel
  • Mission Church at San Carlos Borromeo, Carmel
  • Mission Church of San Juan Bautista
  • Mission Church at Santa Cruz
  • The home of Narada Michael Walden, San Francisco
  • Mission Church at San Francisco Solana, Sonoma
  • Singing for the giant redwoods
  • Church at Mission Dolores, San Francisco

Pictures of the Tour

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