Tuscany, 2017

In 2017 the ONENESS-DREAM choir visited Tuscany, the heartland of Italy. Sri Chinmoy was often described as a Modern-day Renaissance Man, so where better to sing his immortal songs? This was the place that gave birth to Dante and Leonardo Da Vinci, at a high point of western culture, a place whose artists strove to achieve Piu bello che si puo – the most beautiful possible. That was the dream of the architects and visionaries who built the city of Florence where ONENESS-DREAM came centuries later to sing in praise of the highest and best. From Florence the group traveled in giro around this most beautiful part of the world – to Lucca, Vince, Pisa… Once again it was intense – 31 concerts in 10 days, in tiny family chapels and huge ornate cathedrals, singing, singing, singing...

The Villa Practice

This video shows you how sincere the members of the ONENESS-DREAM choir practiced the songs of Sri Chinmoy. Learning by heart is only the first step. Feeling what the author wanted to express and bringing it to the audience is the more important and decisive aspect. The members met a whole weekend in a villa near Florence and continue to practice each morning before driving to various concert places in churches throughout the region of Tuscany.

Slideshow from the Tuscany Tour

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