Mago amar

Mago Amar CD CoverIn Sri Chinmoy’s English poems, he more often speaks of God in masculine terms, while his Bengali songs more readily sing to the Divine as Mother. The Mother has infinite aspects: She is the source of all manifested creation; She is beauty, she is the heart; the compassionate, forgiving, unconditional loving carer of all beings; the sweetness, solace, tenderness and intimacy of the human mother; our home, refuge and protection; our first teacher, guide, awakener and delightful companion; our encourager, inspirer and smiling rewarder; bestower of gifts, boons and blessings; the warrior fighting for Truth and Light; the richness, diversity, passion, drama and fullness of life; the player of the game, joy in the game and the game itself. She is within and all around. She is the longing in a singer’s heart, she is the singer and she is the song.

Presented on this album is a small selection of the thousands of Sri Chinmoy‘s songs dreaming of, yearning for, confiding in, addressing, imploring, loving, appreciating, celebrating and glorifying the Mother aspect of the Divine – a journey through the rich heart of life.

Listen to selected album tracks:

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