Concert in Reykjavik 2017

ONENESS-DREAM came for a unique concert to the Frikirkjan Church in Reykjavik on October 8, 2017. Six years ago they already visited Iceland for a week long tour, performing in many churches throughout the country.

The group also came to Reykjavik for another reason. Documentary film maker Sanjay Rawal presented his short film SEEKER  in the Icelandic Panoramas section of the Reykjavik International Film Festival. Sanjay became interested in the story behind the group and particularly its leader, Snatak Matthiasson. Despite having been diagnosed with MND in 2004, Snatak was the group’s musical director until his passing in August of 2019, and an enthusiastic participant in its tours. Some footage from the film was shot in Italy during the Tuscany Tour.

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