Basilica Velehrad

Moravia, Czechia 2018

Monday, 23.04.2018

Castle Lešná

Chapel of Chateau Lešná, located within Zlín Zoo, which is the most visited tourist destination in Moravia, every year welcoming more than 600,000 visitors. The zoo was dedicated as a Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom Zoo in 2017.

Basilic Hostýn

15:30 Basilica Hostýn. The Basilica sits atop Hostyn Hill, an historically and spiritually significant Marian pilgrimage site in Central Moravia in the Zlín Region.

Tečovice Church

Tečovice Church, one of the oldest churches in Moravia, dating from the end of the 13th century.

Tuesday, 24.04.2018

Basilica Velehrad

Basilica Velehrad is an important spiritual centre, a place of frequent religious pilgrimages, gatherings and Cyril and Methodius celebrations.

Dub nad Moravou Church

Pilgrimage Church of the Purification of the Virgin Mary in Dub nad Moravou. This church has been dedicated as a Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom Church.

Francova Lhota Church

Francova Lhota Church, a Catholic Church in eastern Moravia, near the border with Slovakia.

Wednesday, 25.04.2018

Rosa Coeli Monastery

Ruins of Rosa Coeli Nunnery from the 12th Century, in Dolní Kounice

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