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In Oneness-Light

In January 2012, nine members of Oneness-Dream from around the world, performed songs of Sri Chinmoy in the pagodas and temples of Myanmar. This album forms a compilation of live recordings. Here is a sample of 3 tracks – the album contains 34 tracks in total. All words and music are composed by Sri Chinmoy, […]

Mago amar

In Sri Chinmoy’s English poems, he more often speaks of God in masculine terms, while his Bengali songs more readily sing to the Divine as Mother. The Mother has infinite aspects: She is the source of all manifested creation; She is beauty, she is the heart; the compassionate, forgiving, unconditional loving carer of all beings; […]

Tuscany 2017

This CD is a selection of recordings from the Oneness-Dream tour of Tuscany in 2017. During this tour the choir performed in 31 churches, monasteries and sacred places. The recordings are live, representing the natural acoustic of each venue, including ambient and audience sounds. This album is composed entirely of songs in English. Here is […]